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So it seems I'm going to be getting my grubby little mitts on a boat anchor of sorts.. a WYSE Winterm.

It appears these are essentially lightweight PC's, running Windows XP Embedded, and includes full IE and Java support.  They use flash memory for "hard drives", and apparently have VGA, 4 USB, a serial, a 10/100 LAN, sound, ps/2 KB and mouse ports, 512MB memory and something like 200MB open on the drive, but there's some old software installed.  They draw little current supposedly, and only require 12v DC.  I see them selling on eBay for around $40.

Has anyone tried to load up Arduino on one of these little beasties?  If so... how did it go?  I assume the CPU's are rather slow and might take a while to compile.. but everything else seems to be at least minimum reqs if not better.  My Arduino 0021 install is 230MB including libs and sketches.. if this thing can see USB drives, maybe an external USB thumbdrive.. hmm.

At a minimum, these seem like really cute machines.  Never really messed with one.. anyone have experience with them?


I'm seeing these
Wyse winterm WT9150 for $30 on e-bay

Description sounds okay.

Runs this processor, gonna be a little slow compiling.

Link mentions the 3Com Audrey - I have 3 of those (1 is still new in box). Used 1 for a while for a tv channel guide look up, was intending to hack it to make an MP3 player with bigger screen, never got around to it. They worked nice.  Thought about using to hold schedule on kitchen counter kind of thing, never got to loading it up, palm pilots were more useful and portable.
Now their batteries died, got nothing but a cell phone that won't do apps like the palm did. I liked having the phone seperate from my device with all my things I wanted stored electronically that I kept with me.
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I think they have something like the equivalent of a low-end Pentium (120?) in them; what that is, I don't know...

When you mentioned "Wyse", I was hoping you had a 370 serial "dumb" terminal - man, I'd love to have one of those today (worked with them at my first job; color video, max of 132 columns - though 80 was the standard mode - and they had a tektronix graphics vector emulation mode!)...

I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.


I know what you mean cr0sh, i also repaired these "Dumb" terminals years ago and yes they were just a serial terminal, no brains at all

Ran Talbott

Now their batteries died

At least some of the rechargeable Palms have (geeky) user-replaceable batteries that can be bought relatively cheap on ebay.

I'd worry about whether 512M is enough memory to run the Arduino IDE under XP.  Just starting it grabs 243M of virtual memory on my Linux box.  And it probably gets worse when compiling.  The Winterm may not even have swap capability if you add a USB drive,  since it runs the "Embedded" version of XP.

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