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I'm approaching my dream: to assemble DIY Arduino wow!

I'm working on Arduino Duemilanove information here:

Some questions remain I hope somebody point me to right tutorial/information:

1. For the FT232RL, a Ferrite Bead is used on schematic, which is marked F1 and valued: 500mA. I want to order it from local electronic component store, but they need more parameters. On the datasheet of FT232RL I also failed to find complete parameters (may be for this is a known filter everybody other than me knows about!). Also, I checked on my original Arduino board, and I see a golden part on which it is written "507S" (if my eyes are not tricking me). Could anyone please let me know what exactly I have to tell to the local seller so in response to receive this 507S Ferrite Bead please? :)

2. There is an electronic symbol new to me on the schematic. I guess it is a jumper place which is simply left as two unconnected wholes on the board. Am I right please? I provided its image in this post called "what_is_this.TIF" as i didn't know how to call it at all!

3. Locally, I can't find the part "NDT2955" which switches between power sources, is there any alternative part(s) I can choose from?

Thanks in advance for help!




That item is not "Ferrite Bead", is SMD Poly Fuse.

Thanks BillHo, I'm still confused, please see the attachments, I can't know understand:
1. on schematic I (think) I see the Ferrite bead of 500mA because the same thing is on datasheet of FT232RL,
2. on board as you pointed, there is a fuse,

What is it going on there? the fuse is working as a filter?! where gone the inductor then?


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