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I have bought a PIR BENTEL VISUS99 (model a)

and I donĀ“t know how to connect to arduino. I was looking for tutorial PIR and only have three cables:
GND, +5V and OUTPUT, but this VISUS99  PIR have two for 12V that I use a power supply but have two more cables to connect (N/C), Do you know how to do it?. Do I have to put any resistor to get pir input?
thank you very much.


Unfortunately the manual doesn't tell much.
The sensor apparently needs 12 volt to run,
the output seems a relay.
If it is, you could read it as a switch, but I'd use a multimeter first to be sure.


Most cheap PIRs will have a simple relay output for compatibility with legacy alarm systems; some will have both NO and NC connections.
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