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Hi to evryone out there.

I need help to buy the arduino duemilanove kit, Im from macedonia and there arent any arduino shops. I was searching for 1 week or more how to get one and still didnt find a solution ... I appriciate ur help in advance.

Best regards


Leon Heller

You'll find it easier to get the newer Uno, and it's cheaper. Both RS and Farnell stock them:



Leon Heller


i've searched ebay alot. But the thing is i cant buy from ebay cuz paypal blocked my country's ip and the cheapest are there... Whole kit is for 29-30$ and here i do not want to give 50$+ for the same items ... Thats the problem im actualy looking for the same others but on other sites that doesnt require strict payments with PayPal i have moneybookers... Anyhow ty alot for ur response

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