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Hi again Lauzurus , :)
Thank you verry much for your answer ,but i am afraid that I won't need your source anymore.I just found out this link it is a source for Arduino and MinIMU-9 board wich is exactly what i have.Once again I am really sorry for wasting your time. :) I hope you that you won't get angry at me. :)



Hey Lauszus!

I was hoping to learn something about using IMU effectively with the help of Kalman filtering as I came across this wonderful tutorial. The only problem I have is I have 2 separate gyro and accelerometer modules (L3G4200D and ADXL 335). How do I combine and use them according to your pin config.

gyro has pins GND, VIN, SCL, SDA, SDD, INT1, INT2 and accelerometer pins are VCC, GND,X,Y,Z,ST. Where do these pins go?



The gyroscope is a digital gyroscope so you need to connect it to the SDA and SCL on the Arduino. See the following page for more information: http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/Wire. Then connect VIN to 3.3V and GND to GND on the Arduino.

Your accelerometer is a analog one, so you need to connect X, Y, and Z to your analog inputs. And yet again connect VIN to 3.3V and GND to GND on the Arduino.


Thanks! this really helps but aren't A4 and A5 analog input pins?

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