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Fabio Varesano

Supposing that the algorithm you have here is correct, the problem you are experiencing may be related to the axis of your sensors as not being aligned. Check your sensors datasheet for pictures of the sensors axis and check that your IMU has them aligned. If they are not, you can align them later in software by swapping X and Y and/or signs.


You were right, everything is working perfectly now :)

Thanks for your comments.

Fabio Varesano


I am trying to use this code/setup to look at the forces acting on snowboarders while going through a turn. I have setup the 6DOF chip from Sparkfun, just as the tutorial describes. But when I load the code and open up processing the graph only shows a flat red line. It does not react to moving the Razor. I have also tried looking at the serial output of the Arduino code and that shows simply all 0's. I am pretty experienced with Arduinos but I have not played much with accelerometers and gyros before so I may be over looking something simple.

Thanks in advance for any help! And for all of the great info!


It sounds like, its not sending anything. Are you sure, that you are getting the data? Or even getting the data? Have you uncomment this line:
Code: [Select]
processing();? :)

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