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Hi guys,

I need to output some data from my arduino mega to a 3.3V FPGA (Altera Cyclone II EP2C5Q208). From what i see in the datasheet the FPGA's pins are not 5V tolerant.

I was thinking of using a couple of 74HC4050 to convert the arduino's 5V output to the 3.3V inputs i need (http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/7544.pdf).

Can anyone tell me if this would work to protect the FPGA and get the signals across intact?

Thanks :)


Yes, that looks like it will work.

If you are not concerned with speed and you only want the signals to go across in one direction (5V --> 3.3V) you can just use voltage dividers.

The Rugged Motor Driver: two H-bridges, more power than an L298, fully protected


High speed would be nice, but it's not a requirement. I'll have to check how far i can go by using voltage dividers, and order the chips if it's not enough.

Thanks for the advice! :D

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