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Hi guys

I've buyed some RGB-Led Strips common cathode. And now i like to control them from my Arduino.

Because they are common cathode strips i need to control them with a pnp-transistor, right? So, i've buyed three IRF5303 Mosfets.

My Problem is how to control this Mosfets from the Arduino?
When connect 12v + to the drain and the + from the led to source the led is on. but how can i use the p-channel mosfet as a switch to turn off the led's.

thanks in advanche

ps: sorry for my bad english...


You can do something like this:


Replace the +6V in the schematic with your +12V (and the AOD417 with your IRF5303).

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If you'd chosen a logic-level p-channel MOSFET you could have simply level-shifted with a zener diode and a pull-up on the gate...  You'll need an NPN or n-channel transistor to drive the gate with full voltage swing.
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@Rugged Circuits

can i use this 9014 (http://www.datasheetcatalog.org/datasheet/WINGS/9014.pdf)transistors instead of this 2N7000? Can i use the same resistors which you used in the circuit?


Yes, that should work. I don't think the resistors will need to change.

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thanks a lot. i'll try it this evening...

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