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I need to monitor temperature in a closed area in another room.

Looking at something like a LM35DT/NOPB sensor : http://za.rs-online.com/web/search/searchBrowseAction.html?method=getProduct&R=5359458

I am using existing cabling from my breadboard ( where my Mega is located ) - it is a 12 core cable used for domestic alarm systems.

What would be a safe maximum distance (if distance would be a factor) that the sensor could be away from the board and still get a reasonably accurate reading. Will be powering the sensor with 12VDC.


For something like 40' or so... maybe even 70' at a pinch...

Consider the Dallas 1-Wire chips, e.g. the DS1820.

They aren't so hard to use as you might at first think.


Thanks tkbyd

I see the DS1820 available from my online supplier.

Although a lot more expensive than the analog sensors, I 'think' the digital signal would be less affected by the length of the cable from board to sensor.

Do you possibly have a wiring sketch for connecting these to a board ( digital or analog input ? ) and any sample code to get the temperature reading from the sensor into a variable in the code would be very greatly appreciated.

This is for a home DIY project and I need to get all my parts ordered online together to reduce delivery charges.


Check out the - http://www.milesburton.com/Dallas_Temperature_Control_Library - for the DS18B20 as it contains many working examples. If you have multiple sensors and you have pins to spare it is possible to have multiple instances of the Dallas lib (I tried it recently) . This way you dont need the addresses, as there is only one sensor on the one-wire bus.

wrt length my max cable was ~ 4 meters / 13 feet , was a single sensor.

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Thanks for the replies and guidance.

It looks like the DS18B20 is the route to go, and will probably be using the external power setup due to the distances involved.

Can you tell me if it is possible to isolate the data line from the sensor to the boards input pin with an optocoupler ? 

If so, what would be the best part number to use ?

Would the Vcc and Gnd for the sensors need to be from the board, or can it be from a seperated power supply, or do I just need a common ground ?

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