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I'm probably going to cancel my subscription. I wanted to be able to use my chromebook to program my various boards but it turns out that I can't do that. Create does not work with many "clone" boards on the chrome version - it works on my PC but so does the standard IDE so no advantage.
I raised this problem on here a couple of times but the only response I got from the moderators is that I didn't tie my 2 emails together! Not exactly customer friendly!
So, maybe I will give codebender a try - it's expensive but it works with all boards. on my chromebook A pity Create couldn't be made to work as well as codebender.


I'm sorry to hear it didn't work for you. I don't use ChromeOS so I can't help you with the problem.

Supposedly it is possible to run the standard Arduino IDE on a ChromeBook. There are some instructions here:

An arduino_ide chromebrew package was also recently created that might make it even easier to do:
I'm not sure whether the package has been published yet because I don't see it listed here:

As to whether the same problem with the clone boards will apply when using the standard IDE, I can't say. It's worth a try at least.


I can assure you that the problems with clone boards is ONLY on the chromebook implementation of Create. They work on Create on my PC and they work on the standard arduino IDE. The moderators on this chromebook specific forum seem to be totally uninterested in this bug.
I have now cancelled my Create subscription - it's a pity that you can't properly support this product but of far more concern is that you just don't seem to care.


Do they work with the standard Arduino IDE running on your Chromebook?

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