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Hey everyone :)

I would like to build a frameless laserharp with an arduino. For those who don't know how a laserharp work: basically you have a laser (obviously) which is reflected by a tiny piece of a mirror. This is mirror is attached to a motor which spins synchronised with the laser (the laser turns on and off), so that several beams are projected. At least one have a lightsensor which recognize when a beam is broken and plays then a tone.
My problem is now the motor: I think I should use a stepper motor but I'm not quite sure about it. I've never worked with stepper motors. Can a stepper motor move faster than our eyes see that there is just one laser? Especially Im not sure because I have to change the direction, can steppers accelerate so fast? I would choose a  stepper with maybe like 100steps/revolution but what other specification should it have? Or do one of you know a better idea?
Thanks for every answer!

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