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Hello There . I would really like to get the FFT frequency analyzer project working , or the Arduino PONG sketch working but anything with TV Out is giving me problems like:

'class TVout' has no member named 'begin'

'class TVout' has no member named 'vert_res'


what should I do?


(i am trying with arudino version 22)


Well my telepathic senses say that you are not including the header properly, but I'm a lousy psychic, so your code would probably help.


sorry i was reffering to other peoples code and i wasnt sure if i could post that

here goes:

#include <TVout.h>
#include <fix_fft.h>
TVout TV;
char im[128], data[128], lastpass[64];
char x=32, ylim=90;
int i=0,val;
void setup()
    TV.begin(_NTSC,128,54);                              //  Initialize TV output, 128x96.
    TV.print_str(2,2,"  Realtime Arduino");             //  TVout lib uses x,y for print
    TV.print_str(2,11,"  Spectrum Analyzer");         //  statements.  8x8 default font.
    analogReference(DEFAULT);                          //  Use default (5v) aref voltage.
    for (int z=0; z<64; z++) {lastpass[z]=80;};       //  fill the lastpass[] array with dummy data
void loop()
    for (i=0; i < 128; i++){                                     // We don't go for clean timing here, it's
      val = analogRead(0);                                      // better to get somewhat dirty data fast
      data = val/4 -128;                                       // than to get data that's lab-accurate
      im = 0;                                                       // but too slow, for this application.

    for (i=1; i< 64;i++){                                          // In the current design, 60Hz and noise
      data = sqrt(data * data + im * im);  // in general are a problem.  Future designs
      TV.draw_line(i+x,lastpass,i+x,ylim,0);          // and code may fix this, but for now, I
      TV.draw_line(i+x,ylim,i+x,ylim-data,1);        // skip displaying the 0-500hz band completely.
      lastpass=ylim-data;                                   // if you insist, initialize the loop with 0
      };                                                                    // rather than 1.


Try turning your code into "code" blocks (hit the "#" button with the code selected).

Meanwhile, where did you get TVout.h from? My copy has begin in it, but not print_str. And fix_fft.h?
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i got it all from here


and then i updated the TVOUT with the newest beta...and i think that was the problem as they specify that the print.string has been removed from the newest version


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