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Well I guess I give up on my UNO, maybe I fried something. It looks like I need to pick up a new one. I notice lots of people still use the Duemilanove... Are there any pro's to using it over the UNO? What are the differences?

Alternatively if anyone would like to take a look at the problem I'm having that would be great too, but everyone has seem to given up on me!



The Duemilanove and UNO are nearly the same except for one thing: the USB to Serial chip. On the Duemilanove, you have the FTDI chip. This chip is closed source and cannot be reprogrammed. On the UNO, though, you have an ATmega8u2. It's like another microcontroller. The upside of this is that you can trick your computer into having the arduino NOT show up as the arduino... it can be a mouse, or a joystick, or a usb microphone, or any other USB device.

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One the other hand the Uno board has had firmware problems with both the 8u2 serial converter chip and the bootloader. There is still an issure of if when you buy a Uno today if it comes with the latest bug fixes for both those firmwares. I think even the Uno bootloader hex file in the IDE distrubution for version 22 is not current with the latest fix(S).



On the same hand, if you buy a Uno with an smd chip and you fry it you get to buy a new board (if you don't solder).  Also the Uno uses more power (at least on mine) then the Duemilanove.  Might be important if your using batteries.   The Uno atmega8u2 chip can be reprogrammed to do other things.


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Well Ive been having trouble with bootloaders. And I'm not too interested in using my arduino to interact with my computer. So I think I'll go with the duemilanove.

Thanks guys

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