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I currently have an ultrasonic range finder programmed to turn a servo within a distance <20. I also want this same sensor to operate my LEDs and was wondering if I can have that operation run in tandem?

The LEDs are on a separate arduino and are programmed to operate in succession as an individual comes closer and closer to the object. Therefore, I need the sensor to fire each specified pin for the LEDs as indicated, but still turn the motor. How can I combine these functions?


example code for LED using serial.print:

if (howfar < 50) { // start of in range actions
   if (howfar > 40) {  // "far"
     digitalWrite(9, HIGH);   // sets the red LED on
   else if (howfar > 20) // "medium"
     digitalWrite(10, HIGH);   // sets the yellow LED on
   else // "near"
     digitalWrite(11, HIGH);   // sets the green LED on
 } // end of in-range actions


make a function out of it and call it wherever you like. You forgot to switch off the leds.

Code: [Select]

#define REDLED 9
#define YELLOWLED 10
#define GREENLED 11

void doLeds(int howfar)
  digitalWrite(REDLED , LOW);
  digitalWrite(YELLOWLED , LOW);
  digitalWrite(GREENLED , LOW);

  if (howfar >= 50) return;
  if (howfar > 40)
    digitalWrite(REDLED , HIGH);
  if (howfar > 20)
    digitalWrite(YELLOWLED , HIGH);
  digitalWrite(GREENLED , HIGH);   
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