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I have a question concerning AT commands in conjunction with XBees. Exactly how much can i command using only AT commands? Is the list on http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoXbeeShield complete? I am attempting to make a library for configuring XBees while attached to an Arduino and if I am gonna do it I might as well incorporate as many commands as possible. Also, is there a way to enter configuration mode in less than two seconds (the one second delay before and after the +++'s is killing me!).

If I manage to make anything useful (I have changed the ID no problem, but nothing else) I will post it if anyone is interested


Remember me? I still havent gotten around to getting my xbee's set up - its quite intimating...

anyway, if you do get this idea done, I would be quite greatful (im presuming that it would make setting xbees up easier?)


You are probably looking for the product manual at:


I'll leave it up to you as to whether you have series 2 or series 1, but the  "Command Reference Tables" and "Command Descriptions" are the sections you are looking for.

One neat feature would be enabling remote XBee analog data aquisition. You could then have an Arduino with attached XBee and a remote standalone XBee with attached sensors.


+ digital i/o as well... Let us know how it goes. .. perhaps its possible to send across some form of pwm? I'm not sure....


The time before and after +++, can be configured in the "PC Settings" tab of X-CTU (see the "AT command setup" box, at the bottom).
By default, both times are set to 1000 (ms, I assume).
You can also change the command character from "+" to something else.


Thanks everyone! With all this information I should be able to get something going.


@ Florinc

Just a quickie, these options only tell the XCTU software what the modem is expecting to hear...

If you actually want to change the settings within the modem, you must use the modem configuration tab, and change the values manually, and then upload the new config file.

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