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Hi guys,

I'm a complete beginner at both programming and circuitry so I'd really like some sound advice on my project!

I'm making an 'Artist Book' on digital designs. The book itself resembles a hard drive.

I wanted to add some interactivity by having the logo on the cover light up when the user lifts it or moves it.

So far I have an accelerometer (ADXL335), 2 Voltage regulators and an Arduino uno to complete this task.

I'd like to know:

how feasible this idea is,

whether I could complete it before the beginning of May

what kind of LED's are most powerful, cost effective and require no ventilation

how I would go about coding the arduio to carry out this function.

Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.




So far I have an accelerometer (ADXL335), 2 Voltage regulators and an Arduino uno

An odd mix of things.
I would abandon the accelerometer and use a simple tilt switch. I am not sure what you need two regulators for and the arduino looks like over kill. It is a project you could just do with a 555 timer.

what kind of LED's are most powerful

Bit of a silly question because it is like saying what sort of car is the most powerful, the answer is the powerful ones.
If you are just lighting up a logo from the back or is the logo made of LEDs? White LEDs are brightest for a given voltage and current. If the LED's current is below 20mA then there is no need for any cooling.


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moreinfo  is better
for leds  superbrite Leds are great
I gree , a tilt switch (s) may work best for you project.

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