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Hi thanks for a great library i find it works well on the uno. I am varying the frequency and pulse width by reading 2 pots on the analog inputs and mapping that reading to suit the registers for frequency and pulse width. I am using pin 9 and 10 and invert 10 also control its pulse width with another pot.  Great library.

Hi, a simple question. Can I have 4 outputs with high resolution on a Arduino UNO?
Excellent library runnerup. Thank you!

Anyone know why pin 11 on timer2 doesn't work?

All the rest work great.

I'm using the Uno.



hallo !
i'm using the arduno uno r3
if iwant to run the sevro motor (hg-kr053) and driver is Mitsubishi mr-j4-10a
how do i run this motor by arduino ?
      _________   __20K Hz
     /              \
    /                \
   /                  \
  /                    \
 rising time 0.2s and run 1s (20K Hz) down time 0.2s
and reten is the same.

i need the code!

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