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Thanks, draythomp. If the claims are correct, the board should be a plugin replacement for the WiShield, and that certainly wouldn't be hard given that AsyncLabs documented everything. I'd just like to hear from an actual user of the LinkSprite implementation, because their other wifi shield looked like a PITA to use. It would be nice if there were a standard programming interface for all the ethernet/wifi shields. I've gotten comfortable with the official Ethernet one, esp. with the addition of DHCP/DNS support. But my device desperately wants to be wireless :-)

I looked around your site a bit (cool stuff you're doing! Makes me wish I had more time...), but couldn't immediately find the sketches that would be relevant. Any chance you'd be willing to link to a relevant blog posting?


A wired ethernet implementation is at: http://draythomp.blogspot.com/p/house-clock.html and a wifi example is at http://draythomp.blogspot.com/p/test-html-code.html.  They do different things, but basically are the same for web services so you can compare them to see the differences.

I've changed both of them to add an XBee broadcasting the power usage and time, and the latest sketch is not posted.  The differences between the old sketchs and the new ones are minimal though.
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Can anybody please tell me why the LED on my cuhead wifishield is green? I never see a red LED on the shield.


My original project plan called for WiFi connectivity with an AsyncLabs YellowJacket or BlackWidow. But as they were unavailable, I bought an Ethernet shield. Then AsyncLabs announced that they were shutting down, and all my preferred WiFi solutions were no longer available. So I now have the thing working on Ethernet, and I see that LinkSprite is now offering a product (CuHead) that they claim is compatible with the AsyncLabs shield software. My questions are:

1. What have people's experiences with the CuHead been? Good, bad, otherwise? Is it completely compatible?
2. How much work is it to go from Ethernet to WiFi?

I can't answer 1 directly, but if you are open to using other solutions, you can just get a WR703N TP-Link wifi mini router (for around $20)  and connect to your ethernet shield. Using this solution, the answer to question 2 is 0 work.

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