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Don't know if this topic is more suitable in "hacking devices" section or in some "communication" or "GSM" section which I can't find, anyway I found this site:

At the end of the page ther's a link to a small ZIP file which contains C code to implement FBUS protocol.
I wonder if it already works on Arduino, or if it needs some tuning.
I'll give it a try.


I examinde the source a little, and I eventually succeeded in compiling it on Arduino IDE!
But I've been told it can't actually work "as is" due to Arduino memory limits, so I need some help optimizing the code. I think I should start by fixing this declaration:
Code: [Select]
char msgqueue[4][161];

It eats up a lot of memory, but I don't think it's actually needed: looks like it is used to store up to 4 incoming messages, so I think we could accept to be able just to read one SMS each time.

I pasted my code here, so we can edit it together:

I had to make some changes to original source; most important one is changing '\"' to '"'  ('  "  ') to prevent IDE from locking


Sounds very interesting

On which nokia phone did you test ?


On an old nokia 6600.
I connected FBUS-TX, FBUS-RX and Phone-GND to Arduino-RX, Arduino-TX and Arduino-GND; looks like nothing happens, but I can see "something" printed on the serial monitor; unfortunately I can't distinguish among sent and received data, and I cannot add any debug print command, which would interfer with data sent to phone! I should implement serial comm on two additional pins for debug printing, but then I should also add a serial/USB converter to see output on PC... It's getting harder than I thought, I really need some help from somebody else... Can anybody test the source on its nokia phone?


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