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Hi group,

  What wireless options are available for the Arduino? I need a simple and cheap solution for my swarm robots. The cheapest one I have found is http://www.rovingnetworks.com/wifly-gsx.php, it is $40. It is a serial to WiFi.

  I would like to find something around $25 each.

  Thanks for your time.
William Estrada
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What are you trying to communicate and over what distances?  TCP/IP over WiFi is a relatively expensive way to move data.  The XBee modules start at around $22 and can form a mesh network. If all are connecting to a single PC then perhaps Bluetooth would work. ITead Studio has a  Bluetooth serial module for about $16.
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look up XRF modules around eBay or through this company ciseco.co.uk.

No, I'm not affiliated with the company, but the price seems unbeatable for RF transmissions. I am yet to test one, so my advice is based on the datasheet and price.
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Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Cheap RF transceivers do no error checking nor do they verify that the data was received. More expensive (i.e. XBee) transceivers do. XBees are pretty much plug-and-play, after some initial configuration. What is written to the Serial port is broadcast. What is received over the air is put on the Serial port. Nothing at all is required to use them.
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