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This is a variant, with 20*4 display estate:

This display size will take full advantage of the latest update on phi_prompt library.

I have set up the sales page on www.inmojo.com


Video of alarm clock version 4:


After successfully selling all my Phi-1 shields and several revisions I present the Phi-2 shield, more functions and more flexible:


Short video using interactive library phi_prompt on Phi-2 shield:

List of features:
   * Compatible with UNO, Duemilanove, official Ethernet shield, MEGA and clones
   * Best interactive user interface software to make menus and ask user inputs: phi_prompt, only for phi shields.
   * 16*2 character LCD to display information and interact with users
   * Six buttons for input and interaction
   * 2 RJ45 ports providing up to 16 robust connections to sensors or control devices.
   * A buzzer for alarm or simple tones.
   * A sensor block to test most common sensors, such as thermistors for temperature, resistive pressure sensors, light-dependent resistor for light, Hall Effect magnetic sensors etc.
   * Two LEDs indicators. You are free to choose which arduino pin to drive the LEDs.
   * Real time clock with battery backup keeps the time when Arduino is turned off
   * EEPROM to log data and keep data when Arduino is turned off (24LC256 or 24LC512)
   * Reset button for Arduino
   * All Arduino pins are brought out for maximal flexibility.
   * The I2C bus is brought next to analog pins 4 and 5. UNO uses these pins for I2C while MEGA uses 20 and 21.

Online stores:



I will be personally mailing orders sold at inmojo.com while dipmicro.com is my main distributor in USA/Canada.

Documentations and sample codes (I'm revising all my Phi-1 shield project codes) are all on my blog:


If you have read better documentations or more project samples for a similar shield, please let me know where I lack.


Got a coupon from dipmicro  :smiley-mr-green:

SPRING10 - all orders above $10 get some shipping discount. Canada and USA get free "Standard" and USA orders get discounted "Priority" shipping (the more you spend, the bigger discount).

Coupon expires May 31, 2011


Good on you liudr for getting things finished and actually on the market.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


Thank you Graynomad! It's slow but I'm happy with what I accomplished so far. I'm planning something new too! Will report back!


I am making a small batch of these shields with 20X4 displays. I will post a link to purchase these shields once I get them from the mail. In case you have not seem my recent development of text-based user interface, here it is. The interface can do so much more if run on a 20X4 display.



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