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Hi Arduino folks.

I recently got into the Arduino world and I just finished my first project.

My dad had an old RC car that I could do with as I pleased. So I fitted it with a breadboard and an Arduino Uno. The idea was that I wanted a simple controlled car through Bluetooth. I bought a Bluetooth Bee module, and started fiddling.

The car [First Revision]:

After having made the car work over Bluetooth with Processing controlling it, I wanted to add more control. I so happened to have a Logitech Wheel and Pad set collecting dust. I went on to program Processing to gather data from the set and send it to the Arduino. You can see the result here.

I did have a lot of trouble getting Processing talking to the Bluetooth and am scribbling down a tutorial on how to make Processing talk to a Bluetooth module fitted on a Arduino.


I'm interested in seeing your bluetooth tutorial.  How much distance are you getting with the bluetooth bee?



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