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Does anybody have a schematics of Arduino using ATMEGA8? Is this arduino work similar to that of Arduino made from ATMEGA328? Please do reply for both ..


Its the same pin-out as the 168/328. Should work the same, you need to update boards.txt to include the chip.

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You can pop an atmega8 directly into any of the modern boards (uno, etc.)  It's completely pin-compatible.
(although some of the pins that say "pwm" on the board won't be, any more.)


Thanx for schematics but can anyone explain these in that circuit?

What's that blank box(top left corner)?
Where this block gets connected to main circuit?
There are 2 Vin( one in power, other in that blank box). What is Vin?( in know its input to circuit) & where should it be connected to the atmega chip?
PWR_SEL(left bottom corner)?
P$1 P$2 (in USB)?
What's X3?
lastly where M8RXD & M8TXD should be connected?

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