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I'm doing a project with a rotary encoder and it interfaces by either SPI or UART (default). Device seen here:http://www.dmm-tech.com/14BitsAbsoluteEncoder.html.

I have an Arduino Uno and I'm wondering is it some how possible to interface with this device and output data back to my computer at the same time or would I most likely have to upgrade to a Arduino Mega?

Thanks in advance.

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would I most likely have to upgrade to a Arduino Mega?

Only if you want a shiny new toy.  For what you've described, the Uno is overkill.  A "usb ttl cable" will do what you've describe and I believe you can get them for less than $5.

Or, if you want to use the Uno...

Download this...

Install it.

Pick any pair of unused pins.

Build your Sketch.


Or, if you'd prefer SPI...


Well this is a school project for a camless engine design so the board is controlling actuators and reading feedback sensors on the valves too.  Plus it's their funding so its a "free" shinny new toy.

That NewSoftSerial looks interesting. Gonna have to read up on that.

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