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Hi all,

I'm new to arduino trying to work my way through a handful of examples. I'm currently working through a basic temperature reading example: http://oomlout.com/a/products/ardx/circ-10

For some odd reason, I keep getting consistent readings of -50.00. Any thoughts? I'd really appreciate any help you can provide!


Please post YOUR code as there might be some diff..

Looking at the examplecode and reasoning backwards temperature == 0 (-0.5 *100 == -50)

Code: [Select]

float temperature = getVoltage(temperaturePin); 
temperature = (temperature - .5) * 100;     

That implies that the analog read allways read 0  so it is connected to ground  so
- or the TMP 36 is broken
- or your wiring is wrong (loose)

Try the code without a sensor (that should make the analor line float and give different reading.

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