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Hi everyone -

I'm leaning towards using Z-Wave with Arduino driving the controller.  I've looked at a few different controllers, but the interfaces into them aren't that clean cut.  Right now, I'm thinking the best path is to get something with a serial interface (such as the HomeSeer Z-Troller - http://store.homeseer.com/store/HomeSeer-Z-Troller-Z-Wave-Controller-P214C66.aspx).

Has anyone else done something similar?  If so, what hardware did you use and how did you interface to it from the Arduino?



consider using leviton VRCOP-1LW and VRUSB-1US

vrcop is the 232 interface
vrusb is for setting up the zwave network

Don't know a lot about them but may be worth researching.


Check this one.


It's a arduino compatible board with zwave support. It can be used for both slave and controller.


Don't be fooled by these "Z-Wave compatible" RF modules. They claim compatibility only because they work on same or similar RF frequency ranges but normally you have to implement the full Z-Wave protocol stack, which is not an easy game...
Infact if you look at the end of the specs you'll see the vendor's discailmer:
Note: this module works on Z-wave frequency, but not on Z-wave protocol.

In addition to frequency you have to take care of the type of modulation supported by the RF module. Z-Wave works with FSK modulation with Manchester or NRZ binary encoding depending on the data speed (9600 or 40000 baud).

In my opinion the ACT or HomePro ZCS101 Z-Wave RS232 Interface (rated at about $50) should be ok and cheaper than the Leviton.



Check this one.


It is an arduino compatible board with Z-Wave module. It has some sketches for binary sensor sensor and temperature sensors. In the follwoing site



The thread is old, but now there is what you need: https://z-uno.z-wave.me

Z-Uno is an Arduino IDE compatible board. It have Z-Wave on board and can be programmed like an Arduino in the same language.

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