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I have been looking into how to convert my digital data back into analog.

--So, I have a two column ASCII data file (x: time, y=voltage amplitude) which I would like to convert into an analog signal (varying Voltage with time). There are Digital to Analog converters, but the good ones are quite expensive. There should be a more trivial way to achieve this.

Ultimately what I'd like to do is to reconstruct the original time variant voltage which was sampled every nano-second and recorded as an ASCII data file.

I thought I may feed the data into my laptop's sound card and re-generate the time variant voltage which I can then feed into the analyzer via the audio jack. Does this sound feasible?


Here is a 2 channel 12 bit DAC module I recently obtained from an E-bay seller. Works fine with the Arduino SPI library.




yes, google for " soundcard as function generator" e.g. http://audiometer.co.uk/ has some nice progs don't know if they solve your probelem

- http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Audio/Audio-Plugins/Virtins-Sound-Card-Signal-Generator.shtml -
is a better one as it  "Support arbitrary waveform generation through user defined waveform library. A waveform library is a TXT file containing the coordinates of each point in one cycle of the waveform. There is no limit as to how many points can be used to define a waveform."

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So, data sampled at the nanosecond realm?
Thats only 1Ghz, no Arduino will do that....

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