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Hey guys-

I got my Ardumoto pins soldered in, and everything seems to work.

However, I don't know how to provide power for my motors. I know if I used the barrel jack port on the Arduino itself, it would give the power to the Arduomoto to power the motors, but I don't have a power supply, only some AAA batteries and a battery holder for them.

Can I directly solder the leads into the VIN ports on the Ardutoto? If so, which ones do i use? (There are 2 sets, one inside a white box, one outside, although the traces seem to go to the same spot.)

Edit: Although I was reading that the Ardumoto logic can use either the 3.3V OR the 5V pin... If that is the case, can I use the 5V pin for my motors, and somehow set the 3.3V pin to be the logic power?


The Vin pin is the one for the motors, The +5 is only for logic.  Best to connect power directly to the Ardumoto board to avoid high currents through the shield pins (which aren't rated for high current).  From Sparkfun's page I only see one pad for Vin and thats the one for the shield pins though.
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