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I have a project and need to link my PC with hardware to switched on and off and need to do this from my developed application on C# , so what is the hardware i need it and is it applicable to send the command to the hardowar from PC by C# program.


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The arduino does not care what program sends it the data. As long as you can send it down the virtual "serial port" connected to the USB.


so what is the hardware i need it
Arduino board and USB cable.

If you want to switch more than 20mA @5V DC, perhaps also transistors or some kind of relays module board.

If you want to keep "Serial" for serial debugging connection during software development, you proably also would need an "TTL-USB serial adapter" to establish a second connection to your PC for your PC software, so you can have one serial connection from the Arduino to your PC software and one other serial connection to the serial monitor for debugging reasons.

and is it applicable to send the command to the hardowar from PC by C# program.
The programming language used doesn't matter. What matters is:
- your programming language must be able to deal with serial ports
- both of your programs on the PC and the Arduino must provide a compatible transmission protocol.


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This demo shows how to communicate with an Arduino using Python. The same general principles will apply in any language.


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