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I have a ac adapter (sorry blurry images) and would like to know if it will work with the arduino UNO. It is from a wireless camera kit. It says it outputs: 8v   500mA

Is it safe to plug into arduino UNO?


The polarity is correct (center pin +) and the voltage is good.  I can't really read the symbol to the right of the voltage.  If the output is 8V DC it should work fine.  If it's not DC that might be a problem.  If you know someone with an oscilloscope you can check it.
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It should be DC current because it plugs into a wireless camera which I also can power with a 9v battery. So it should work right? I'll want to use the 9v adapter too with the arduino which plugs into the same thing as the adapter in the picture.


In the picture I can see this
Output: 8V - - -

So if you have a full line and a dotted line underneath, it is DC.

Still, and so you don't mess up like a friend of mine did, I'd at least put a multimeter to see the output of that power supply. Chances are that you are not going to see 8V (it's almost guaranteed, actually), but if you can get some cheap electronics... say a few LEDs, or even just a resistance of 500 Ohm or so and measure the voltage with load applied, it is a far better assessment of how good the power supply is.

Still, since it is rated at 8V you have a good buffer for deviations up to the 12 or 15V recommended power for the Arduino.
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