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I'm looking to buy a broken Wiimote...

All I care about is the IR sensor at the front of the thing. If your Wiimote is an original, not clone, and some other part of it is faulty, and you haven't thrown it out yet, please get in touch? (Off list would be a consideration to other forum readers... click on the orange "tkbyd" in the panel at the left, follow link to "Send this member a personal message" at the bottom of the page arising.)

UK or US address okay. I'd prefer to send $20 / £15 to the charity of your choice, to include p&p, but if you'd rather be the "charity", tell me what price you think is fair.


In case you think an original wii-mote has the same ir camera like the ones you see in various (older) reports; I have 2 originals and 1 clone and all have different ir camera's.



Oh no! Dreadful news!!! But thank you for it, anyway!

Will take a chance on any non-clone Wiimote on offer.


Wow, I wish my wiimote were broke, so I WOULD HACK IT MYSELF  :P
Good price for the sensor. I've seen people hacking it for various projects. Any project you have in mind?
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter

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