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My arduino Braccio's shoulder servo can't lift the rest of the robotic arm.All I did was making some tests by making it go from 0 to 180(the allowed limit,as stated by the instruction book),and after some time it stopped working.Do I really have to change the servo?Can I repair it?Or is the problem somewhere else?
The servo model is SpringRC SR431


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What does not working mean?  Does it make a noise but not move?  Does it try to move then stops?  Makes no noise and no movement?

Not all servos can really go from 0 to 180.  Before I use a servo, I test it to determine the actual range of travel.  Trying to move a servo beyond its end stops (range of travel) can damage the servo, ie. stripping gears or spinning the pinion gear on the motor shaft.


It makes noise,and can move when I leave only one segment(the one moved by the shoulder servo,obviously),but increasing weight leads to it not working properly


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