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Hi everyone,

I still am a newbie with the arduinos ... I'd like to reproduce the openDMX interfacing with Freestyler for example, but the Arduino board is not recognised as a DMX interface. I reckon it's due to the change of com chip. So I'd like the atmega8U2 on my UNO SMD to behave like it used to when the duinos were fitted with a FTDI chip.

I have a ENTTEC openDMX interface clone (a gus electronic interface) and when I hook it up with a PC , I have two devices coming up in the control panel's device manager :

- COM port 3 in the com port tree, managed by the FTser2K.dll
- USB serial converter in the USB controller listing, managed by ftd2xx.dll

Now when I connect my arduino UNO board , I only have the com port coming up, an it is managed by usbser.dll
Basically no DMX application recognises it as a openDMX interface ...

I have an AVR ISP programmer and have been playing a bit with HIDuino for MIDI applications, and am currently digging into the LUFA project ... but it looks like an overkill ...

If anyone has an idea ... my gut feeling is that it is just a very little option to tick or something minor like that  ...

I have already tried to change manually the windows driver to a FTDI driver, not to avail !!!

Please help !!!



the Atmega8u2 will not work as a openDMX device,
all the applications are looking for a FTDI chip to connect to,

so ether you get a old board or one of this little frinds:


or the real openDMX interface from Enttec.

it was just a nice little coincidence that the arduino was using
the same chip as the openDMX devices,

but this days are over :(


So Tomek,

Buy FTDI breakout, Connect output(Signal TXO??) of FTDI to RX, set up rest as per http://tomekness.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/ardunio_becomes_opendmx_usb_interface.pdf

That should reproduce the openDMX device.

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