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Hi everyone, i'm currently working with Fingerprint modules to develop an access control security system, i've been able to extract an already enrolled fingerprint from the sensor to my database (or at least i think i extracted it correctly, extracting a 534 bytes model).

The next step for me is using this template or model (the 534 bytes i have in the DB) and load it into another fingerprint module for later matching. To explain better the whole proyect, i want to enroll fingerprints in the first module, load them to the database and also load them to the second module, in order to be able to recognize the same fingerprint in the second module.

My problem is that i don't really know how the library functions work. I've read all the documentation and the getModel() and storeModel() functions are the ones i think i have to use, but there's no documentation whatsoever on where do this functions search for the model. So i don't know where to search for my fingerprint when i send it via UART (serial) to the arduino, and as i'm not enrolling a fingerprint using getFingerprintEnroll() i'm not sure if the getModel() function search for it in the buffer, or somewhere else.

In getFingerprintEnroll() after taking the two images to create the model, the storeModel() function is used, so i'm trying to replicate the process without taking the images and creating a model (because this model already exists from the first module) and i'm trying to store this already created model.

I don't know if anyone is familiar with this whole topic of if someone has already done this. For what i've read in the internet most of the people get stuck in extracting the fingerprint and i haven't read any post of someone with this problem.

Any help would be very helpfull. Than you   :) :D

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