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hello every one,
                    i want to create a robot which could kind of communicate with the enviormant..so i wanted to know of i could somehow create a map of things around my robot. so that it know wehre to turn and when to do it while movig??like a redar or imagesensing of somekind??waiting for reply!!
thank you!!


so i wanted to know of i could somehow create a map of things around my robot

Yes this has been done before, however due to the available memory of the Arduino the map will allways be only partial.
You could mount a ping sensor or other distance sensor on top of a servo, and let it measure the distance in every angle - OK every 10 degree's wil do - then you have a circle of distances from left to front to right to back to left. Costs - 36 ints and the time to do the measurements.

Now it's your turn to build it :)

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waiting for reply!!

For best responses, you probably should do a lot of google research and reading of robotic forums and sites to develop specific questions that apply to this forum.
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