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I'm sure if you guys have been on this site a while you have seen threads about bomb props for live action scenario games (paintball, airsoft, reenactments ect.)
Okay not only am I new to the entire world/idea of Arduino but I don't even know where to start and barely understand what it is.
I will be making a prop bomb and for my purposes it will be used in a live action paintball version of the popular Call of Duty game type Search and Destroy (this page explains the game type once you look past all the video game stuff http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Search_and_Destroy)
So I would like to keep things similar;
5-second arm time for bomb
45-second fuse
5.1 defuse time

Now I know there are a couple of other threads that exist talking about this but I would like to start a new thread for this for a couple reasons;
- I pretty much need to get someone to explain how to do this as if they where explaining it to a child, I know quite a bit about tech (I can rebuild an Xbox or PC just fine) but this is entirely new to me and have no experience with programing at all
- also ultimately I would like to create a step by step guide to doing this because I know that there are a ton of people out there that would like to build one, but have no resources to do so


this is one of the best designs I have seen

I know this kid used an Arduino type board

and this guy used no board witch to me is a great idea

my main requirements would have to be something like;
-a two key power switch (one key + and one key -)
-a ten key style keypad to arm/disarm
-a LCD display for code entry
-a large count down clock (like an eight number clock displaying minutes, seconds, milliseconds and centiseconds)
-a siren/alarm to simulate detonation (currently looking into industrial fire alarms w/ strobes)
-long lasting battery/rechargeable battery (might be camping during use)
-maybe a tether option?
-of course if you have any other ideas to make this awesome please let me know,

oh and  I am on a budget so I don't want this to get to pricey,
but am will to hear all options
any help is much appreciated


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Can't you just be happy with a blinking LED like the rest of us?  :D

By the way if you build one, don't take it to an airport.



Can't you just be happy with a blinking LED like the reset of us?  :D

By the way if you build one, don't take it to an airport.


blinking LED, lol
where is the fun in that??


You can display several large digits on the commonly available 16x2 or 20x4 LCD displays.  Your timer can switch from HH:MM:SS to MM:SS.SS to SS.SSSS as the time gets close.  The LCD control chip might also include connections for a 4x4 keypad.  Those 16 button inputs can be used for your numeric keypad and various arming/disarming switches.
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And what happens when some player comes along with his watersoft bomb disrupter?
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