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hi guys
Any one know about any high speed pneumatic valve that can work near to 25 Hz?


What pressure and what volume, how long open, how long closed - basic questions but important ones.

Car fuel injectors work at very high speed so if volume required is low you might be able to use those.  However lubrication (or rather lack off lubrication) of the spindle may be a problem

On air horns that played "music" the technique was to use a rotary valve arrangement rather than solenoids.  As the rotor spun it opened and closed various ports which then transferred the air between the tuned horns.

25hz = 1500 RPM on a single stage rotary valve



I think the second idea is the  best , but where i can buy something like that?


When you say pneumatic valve, do you mean a valve that is operated via air pressure, or a valve that is used to control air flow?
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I need tit to control air flow


what reason would you need 25hz pulses of air? just curious? perhaps there is a better solution.


i'm in one project in artificial ventilator in high frequency

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