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Designing your own on EAGLE would be easy and should only take a few minutes if you're good with the software.
If you're not so good then it would be good practice as it wouldn't be a hard breakout board to make.



It seems this will be a good reason to improve my Eagle skills :)


:) Shouldn't take too long :) And if you're thinking of etching it yourself you want to do it differently anyway - make the tracks as large as you can get away with and make the little bit connecting to the pad especially large so that when you drill out the pad it has more copper to support it.

Lemme see if I've got a picture of one I did...


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Here we are - it wasn't a perfect board but it works.

The tracks are large where they can be and where they're smaller they're large where they connect to the pads (mainly - apart from where I forgot and corrected in my final version).

Ignore the red (top) top tracks - they're where I have jumper wires/they're connected by another board.
And ignore the buttons, they're routed wrong on this board version :D


Thanks for the example, I've already routed the half of my first own board :) A lot of fun :)

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