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I believe there is a voltage drop.  How do I go about solving this problem?


Ok let make a trouble shooting
1_ Disconnect the both motors cables and use there a resistance with one LED, check one by one and see
if the problem is there.
2-If the problem is persist check another  H bridge board (connect your resistance with one LED to the arduino directly)
in this way you will know who reset your arduino)

·why did you not post the full diagrams ?


Since you're already running the motors from their own supply I'd look at these things:

1. Noise from the motors. Try adding .1 uF caps across the motor terminals (right AT the terminals).

2. Verify that your bridge can provide enough current to the motors. (Please indicate the bridge you are using so folks don't have to guess whether that's the culprit.)

3. You should have a shared 5V line between the Arduino and the bridge (that provides logic power to the bridge), and a shared ground. Ground from your 5 AAs should connect to the bridge, not to the Arduino. Some bridges will parasitically draw current from the motor power for their logic supply if the V+ logic line is left unconnected. That can cause weird behavior.

4. Use a fresh 9-volt battery for the Arduino. When these things deplete they can put out some volts, but very little current.

A full diagram of the connection you're actually using would be helpful.

-- Gordon



I have purchased the same 2WD arduino chassis. I am facing a problem which i was hoping you guys could help me with.

I am using 6.5V 2700mAh rechargeable batteries. The datasheet for the motors says that at 3V the maximum speed is 90rpm. I use a linear regulator to step down my battery voltage from 6.5V to 3V. When i apply the 3V to the motor from the regulator output the motor spins well.

From the same battery pack i am powering the microcontroller. Another regulator steps down the voltage to 5V.

I am using an L239E motor driver which is capable of supplying 1A to the motor. When i connect up my entire circuit, the motor does not spin at the rated speed. It spins very slowly.

I believe the motors are not getting enough of current.

What do you think could be the problem?

Best Regards,


MonroeD, without a schematic we can only guess at what is wrong.
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