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Apr 23, 2011, 08:39 pm Last Edit: Apr 23, 2011, 08:42 pm by chol215 Reason: 1
I have an arduino put on a breadboard just like in this link:

I am trying to bootload it with no external avr just like in this link:

I am using the FT232RL usb breakout board and am trying to connect the four pins to the respective pins in the atmega168.  basically I am connecting the from the FT232RL -to- the atmega168: GND -to- Reset(pin 1), 3.3V -to- Miso(digital pin 12), TX-O -to- SCK(digital pin 13), and RX-I -to- MOSI(digital pin 11).  just like in this picture

sorry I used the same color cables for the ft232RL connections.

I know that it should be connected as so:
miso = 3;  # CTS X3(1)
 sck = 5;  # DSR X3(2)
 mosi = 6;  # DCD X3(3)
 reset = 7;  # RI X3(4)
However I am assuming that the four pins in the breakout board even though don't use those names are the same as the four pins arduino diecimila.  if this is not so than that could be the problem.

my questions are does anyone know if they are the same four pins just with different printed names?
When I connect the board to the computer to try to bootload it it says:
ft245r:  bitclk 4800 -> ft baud 2400
avrdude.exe: ft245r_program_enable: failed
avrdude.exe: initialization failed, rc=-1
and then tells me to double check the connections.

but when I try to connect the four pins on the atmega168 to the ftdi directly to their respective pins for CTS, DCD, DSR, and RI it still won't work.  can anyone help me out to get the atmega bootloaded?



I've not done this myself. Still can be done and here  is a lot more details.



Good luck :)


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