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  Thanks for the good tips.  For my use, the "Stretch Sensing Rubber" seems to be exactly the right thing.  At $13 a strip, that is a little steep, but I may be able to get by with it.  The option of using a strain gauge with some kind of elastic was the more obvious choice, maybe I should have some kind of bake off between the two.  Thanks for the tips though, I think I will order some of this rubber stuff and see how it works out.


Well the prices on that site are a little steep but they are generally 'sample' materials rather than something you'd buy a lot of from them. If you wanted a few hundred of something you'd contact the people who make it and probably get something custom a bit cheaper (as it'd be in bulk).

They have some interesting materials and it's one of the few places you can get little bits of things to play with.


So you will be measuring the stretch sensing rubber as you stretch it in parallel with the "something" you began with?
Seems plausible. Perhaps even repeatable.
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Seems plausible. Perhaps even repeatable.

Sounds easy enough to me.
Resistance change presumably is linear so just measure the limits, pick a resistor, do some minor calibration and you're away.

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