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please remove the auto format keyboard short cut!

because i use a web-browser, i press CMD+T allot.. to get tabs, and so often i accidentally press CMD+T in the arduino IDE. and then end up finding my script all different from how i typed them.. and then it is usually to late to go for CMD+Z...


Do you mean CTRL+T?

I have never done that by accident - but I also do not like what the autoformatting does sometimes, in terms or organzing  a set of lines, orthe extra blank lines that get added. It is good for checking the matching of (), {}, etc. tho.
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Do you mean CTRL+T?

i use a mac there it is CMD+T.


In OS X Cmd == Ctrl basically

I think we should be able to edit our hot keys, what works for one person sucks for another...


I'm not trying to be a troll but why do you accidentally press cmd+T in the wrong window very often? Why is cmd+Z too late?
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I think we should be able to edit our hot keys, what works for one person sucks for another...
... or is impossible on some national keyboards. On my DK keyboard the "/" is a shift-7. And SHIFT-CTRL-/ is not the (un-)comment command  :0


pressing 'control z' will undo one change at a time, but it will not jump to the position of what you undo. so if there are allot of undoes you will not be able to know how much you are undoing.. unless you have excellent memory.. getting older so this will only get worse.. 

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