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please remove the auto format keyboard short cut!

because i use a web-browser, i press CMD+T allot.. to get tabs, and so often i accidentally press CMD+T in the arduino IDE. and then end up finding my script all different from how i typed them.. and then it is usually to late to go for CMD+Z...


Do you mean CTRL+T?

I have never done that by accident - but I also do not like what the autoformatting does sometimes, in terms or organzing  a set of lines, orthe extra blank lines that get added. It is good for checking the matching of (), {}, etc. tho.
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Do you mean CTRL+T?

i use a mac there it is CMD+T.


In OS X Cmd == Ctrl basically

I think we should be able to edit our hot keys, what works for one person sucks for another...


I'm not trying to be a troll but why do you accidentally press cmd+T in the wrong window very often? Why is cmd+Z too late?

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