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I have previously install the IDE and ran it against my MEGA.  I even downloaded programs to the MEGA

I cannot however get the IDE to talk to my new Romeo.

I have installed FTDI drivers as per instruction.

As per previous problems I have had I click on menu items and get no response.

Any ideas?



More information.

Seems that the IDE was looking for COM6 which appears to be what the first time installation set the COM port to but go figure, I plug the Romeo in and the system allocates that to COM7.  Now this didn't become immediately obvious because of how long the computer hangs with no messages at all.  Then, after about 10 minutes, it finally pops up and says can't find COM6.  I try to point it at COM7 a few times.  The thing kept resetting to COM3 for some reason.  Eventually it let be set to COM7 and I got to download "blink" to try out the connection.

Can someone look at fixing this issue in next release of IDE?  The thing shouldn't hang for so long just because of the driver.  Bad programming.  It should be able to pick this up more gently.  Maybe even allowing one to set the COM port as a setup option - without having to grind your teeth for ten minutes.

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