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Author Topic: Flow sensor, Piezo, Photocell, lcd w/keypad, & motor control Schematic review  (Read 877 times)
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Not sure where to post this, but this is my first time to send off to batchpcb, and if anyone would care to take 2 minutes to look at this schematic and pcb layout, to see if it looks like things will work.  I've prototyped all of this with an Uno, and will use a pro mini for the final product.
It has a MatrixOrbital LCD w/keypad connected to Serial TX & RX.  The LCD draws 115 ma w/bklt.  The mini sparkfun gear motor draws about 90ma typical, & the water valve solenoid draws 550 ma @12v.

* Arduino-Pro-Mini-v11.brd (25.41 KB - downloaded 11 times.)
* Arduino-Pro-Mini-v11.sch (77.59 KB - downloaded 11 times.)

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