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Hey! Has anyone tried the adafruit motorshield? Well, I did! I got it for Christmas, and it totally didn't work! Whenever you tried to turn it on, It acted like a stepper motor! It just gave a pulse, and then stopped! Well, I think my dad and I found out the problem. It had anti-current protection. At least, too much!!! It thought it was drawing too much current, but it really wasn't! Well, there's three chips in the motorshield. Two are what actually does the driving, the other is just an interface, and that was what had the anti-current protection! So, I just pulled out the chips, forgot the board, used the chips, and it worked!



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I just made one myself and it worked with no problems. I would go over the build and check the placement of the components and connections.

I highly suggest a go to the Adafruit Forums and make a post under the Arduino Shields Section . They are very helpful.


Also you can send an email to them at  Support@adafruit.com or via http://www.adafruit.com/support .

Just don't give up.


If all  fails they might end up replacing it for you.  

Kevin Groce


You may want to read this: https://docs.google.com/View?docid=dgwf6cmm_2fznx7qgr&pli=1

There's nothing wrong with the design of the motor shield as is.  The only current protection on the shield is for the serial/parallel shift register, and that is because that is a low current IC.  Without seeing the code you used, I can't say for sure, but the behavior you described sounds more like incorrect programming that a hardware problem.

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