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i guess I would just want to be able to turn it on in a room, any room, and have it chill by itself until somebody comes close and "disturbs it" and its zoom away until it finds a spot somewhere where it feels left alone.


Wow.  Scared Cube is hotness.  5,000 euros doesn't seem too far off for something exactly as depicted in the video.  That is, considering there is no mass-production involved.


Well I can see that price being feasible but obviously there are going to be limitations - I'm not sure if I'll be able to undertake the project but if there is until 23rd September that gives a while.

More likely a combination of sensors. The hard part is making it move away from a human but not hit something :D
Looks like they may have even used cameras on their device/something taking an image input.
In a way, their empty room is much simpler than placing one in a normal household environment as there's nothing small that may be in the way of its movement (say a chair leg, shoes, anything that could be on the floor)

I'm pretty impressed with what they have made though - not surprised they asked for 5k :)

I'll have a think about how I think this project could be feasible with that time scale and the features requested and how best sensors would have to be used/what sensors. If I think I can undertake the project I'll let you know.


When I met up with the creators, they were talking about creating custom silicon for a new one, because the version in the video uses a PC in the next room. When I heard about arduino a few months later, I wrote them an email about it, how it would help us make a cheaper version, but never heard back from them. Its hard for me to estimate what it costs to make such a product, just what I would be willing to pay. I guess I might go a little over my upper limit if I new it would make her happy.

I think I would be happy with one that would just avoid large objects, walls, etc. I can understand how making something that avoids low (shoe) or thin (chair leg) objects might be much more work.
maybe kinect integration could solve those problems.

Mowcius, If you are up for it, I would love to have  longer IM, or skype chat to talk about how this project could work.



Yeah I imagine the current system took a while to design and code and takes quite a bit of processing power on the computer front due to how it responds.

I can see how a similar project would work with an arduino but it depends on what compromises you're prepared to make on what it does.

I have a few ideas. I'll send you a PM and then we can communicate about it via email (and/or instant messaging of some kind at some point).

For anyone else reading - this doesn't mean I'm going to undertake the project so if anyone else would like to step in - be my guest.


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