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I have never used them, but MBED is an arm based microcontroller, and it runs c/c++. If I remember rightly, it runs on an 100MHz clock, compared to 16MHz for arduino (and 4MHz for PIC (he he he!)). I have no idea how to send images with it, but it should be more capable for the job than arduino. (And also harder, plus it is not the MEGA, and you said you wanted to use that).

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An iPad2 has camera, audio and an Arm processor.
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I did something a bit like this with a laptop/webcam, using Processing to do the object recognition and triggering the arduino(over xbee as it happens).  I think your writeup included a PC anyways so this might be a practical way to go.

My "object recognition" was very simple but Processing is very powerful and there's a whole community out there.


bill2009 I would love to know how you did that.

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