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noted.  thanks for the tips!

my thought would be run loop for a while and gather "gap"s in a buffer.  when the buffer is full, report the values and quit.  that way you wouldn't risk missing as much stuff while you are printing "gap" and disabling interrupts.

I guess in the code I posted, you would do

Code: [Select]

cli();//disable interrupts
uint32_t printgap = gap;
sei();//enable interrupts

Coding Badly


Or you could use the Arduino predefined way:

noInterrupts();  //disable interrupts
uint32_t printgap = gap;
interrupts();     //enable interrupts



Hey guys,
   Alejandro, thx for the code and explanation, i'm integrating it in a school project, just one question, can your code be addapted for pulses from HALL sensors?, and measure the time between pulses?

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