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Could someone tell me how to connect the sound sensor to the arduino and give me a test code  to test if the sound sensor is working.
If I clap or make a noise, then an LED goes on.

Link to where I purchased my sound sensor

but I do not have a sensor shield... so....

Please tell me how to use a sound sensor without using a sensor shield.



Find the schematic for the "sensor shield".  You will probably find that the three pins that connect to the 'sensor' are Power, Ground and AnalogIn.  I hope the device will work on 5 Volts.  Hook the "+DC12V" pin to +5V on the Arduino.  Hook the "GND" pin to Gnd on the Arduino.  Hook the "AUDIO" pin to the analog input of your choice on the Arduino (the example code uses Analog Input 2).
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