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I have been asked to pass this on by member TiberiusB, who says he has no way to create posts.

TiberiusB is a co-founder of SENSORICA open enterprise. They are designing optical-fiber based sensors.

He is exploring Arduino hardware for DAQ and control, to be integrated into there systems.

And would like SENSORICA to interface with Arduino community to co-develop their electronics.

At this moment they need hardware to

1) filter noise form the sensor (sources are: diode laser, diode photodetector and noise produced by the transducer itself)
2) acquire signals, let's say 3 AI, +/- 5 Volts
3) control, up to 3 AO, +/- 5 Volts

AI = analog input
AO = analog output

They use a National Instrument DAQ card and LabView at this moment, but they want to integrate as much open soft- and hardware as possible into their products. 

He writes:-
SENSORICA is an open enterprise, thriving on open innovation, producing Creative Commons. Products are exchanged on the market and members are rewarded in proportion to their contribution. If an Arduino community member helps us to design hardware for our specific needs, for our sensor and systems, this individual will automatically become a full member of SENSORICA, his/her involvement will be recorded and evaluated, and he will be rewarded according to our value accounting scheme like any other member.

All our products are open, Creative Commons. We bet on our aggregated know how and on our ability to innovate. People will order SENSORICA sensors because we know how to make them and because we have the capacity to make them well at low cost. Others can simply make them themselves. 


Thank you Mike, I can now post and replay to posts.   


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